How Not to be the Douchebag Gym Guy

Been going to the gym, or thinking about going, and unsure how to avoid being a douchebag? This is the post for you. Here are simple rules that will prevent you from becoming the type of person that discourages other people from going to the gym.


Don’t take your top off or lift your shirt up.

 Nothing says douchebag quite like taking of your shirt or lifting it up to see that ‘sick, ripped body, bro’. Seriously, I get that people will do weights to look better – or to even compete in a bodybuilding show, but do that at home or even in the change rooms. No one on the gym floor needs to put up with you trying to build up your ego.


Don’t leave your weights when you’re done.

 Nothing is more irritating for other gym users, or gym staff, than people leaving their weights around after they finish. If you seriously can’t re-rack them – then you probably should have done one less set so you had the energy (or you could ask someone to help you). It’s a trip hazard, prevents beginners from using equipment, and is just selfish.


Don’t drop your weights or throw them.

 I get that heavy weights will make a loud sound when they are put down. That’s normal. But what isn’t normal is just letting them go from a height. It’s just another way for you to get attention that no one wants to give you. It distracts them from their workout, and it ruins the equipment.


Talk/Brag to people who don’t care.

 It’s always good from a gym to have a bit of a community – encouraging and supporting each other, helping out with advice, providing a spot, etc. But no one likes someone who just talks to them when they are trying to workout, especially if it’s to brag about how much they lift, who they picked up over the weekend, or what time their bowel movement was. If you can’t tell when it is appropriate to talk to someone (or what about), get out once and a while and learn some social skills.


Don’t neglect Hygiene.

 If I can smell you from 5 metres away. You need to shower or have deodorant. If I use equipment after you and need something to swim in, please use a towel and wipe it down. This shouldn’t need to be said, but this problem exists way too much.


Realise Dom from BroScienceLife is Parody – Not an Idol.

He’s hilarious – but it’s really making fun of douchebags.



 In summary, just don’t be a self absorbed, egotistical, twat – and you’ll be fine.


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